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Accounting and Bookkeeping always remain perennial for each organization irrespective of its size and type. Maintaining accurate accounting records is not only a legal requirement; it is also essential to the sustainability of your company. We will help you to run your business smoothly by making your financial statements as accurate as possible.

Our technology-driven specialists work to understand the dynamics of your organization so that your specific accounting and bookkeeping needs are taken care of and provide customized solutions. We ensure that your company accounts are in line with the Companies Law in the UAE.

Accurate Accounting & bookkeeping will better enable you to make conscious decisions on expenditure, planning investments, and controlling your cash flow. Our professional accountants can provide far more than simple tax assistance and will often both save your time and find your money. Whether by making savings, by managing your expenses, or by preventing penalties for non-compliance with your filing requirements, an accountant can add value to your company.

Our outsourced finance department can significantly reduce your administrative burden and finance staff costs. Outsourcing enables you to improve your company focus, assurance on continuity of service, and increase flexibility to respond to growing business requirements, which are the most common reasons, organizations, choose outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting services for business processes.

Auditing & Assurance

Auditing is fundamental as it provides credibility to a set of financial statements and gives the shareholders or new investors confidence that the accounts are authentic. Our professional auditors can provide a comprehensive service that can help to improve your company’s internal controls and systems. We provide both Internal and External Auditing services.

Internal Auditing

Internal Auditors will examine business operations, compliance, and any issues related to company business practices to reduce associated risks. Internal audit conducts throughout the year. Internal auditing helps to improve your business efficiency of operational procedures, accuracy & reliability of financial controls, optimum utilization of assets, identifying issues in financial procedures & practices and their root cause, identifying potential risks & losses, and also recommends corrective actions.

External Auditing

External Auditors examine the financial statements prepared by the organization and issue a report regarding the financial records of the company. It is usually conducted for all publicly-held businesses and statutory purposes (because the law requires it) as a single annual audit or have included the requirement for an audit in the funding agreement by certain investors and lenders.  

Financial Advisory

Whether you are an individual, finance entity or just starting or thinking about selling your business, we can provide you with the support and guidance that you need to reach your financial goals and plan your affairs for maximum efficiency. We provide solutions with strategies and ways to create more wealth, reduce costs, or eliminate debts. And also our advisory team helps clients in ensuring legal compliances and provides necessary guidelines on financial reporting processes and accounting operations. We develop and offer innovative and comprehensive solutions according to your business objectives.

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