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About Iris Accounting and Bookkeeping

What We Do..?

Businesses in the UAE have a fresh look at their business model by the introduction of VAT in UAE on 1st January 2018. As per VAT, consumers are expected to pay 5 percent for the product or service they use. Proper continuance of accounting records will be one of the initial requirements for any business to endure the new legislation. We are one of the leading VAT and Accounting service providers in Dubai, UAE, we offers exclusive VAT services including VAT registration, VAT deregistration, VAT return filing, VAT accounting services, internal & external auditing, and more. Appropriate recording of all the invoices, outflows, etc. will be fundamental for every business in UAE to make your business abide by the Emirati VAT laws and regulations.

Who We Are?

Iris is the top-notch accounting and tax consultancy firm in UAE. We hold a grip of our core competencies and provide expertise in accounting & bookkeeping, auditing facilitation, tax consultancy(VAT & Excise Tax), and other accounting and financial services. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals strive to deliver seamless, consistent, and quality services to our clients. wherever our clients operate and tailor-made not just to be cost-effective but also to address their core requirements.
We are in Accounting, Auditing, And many more...

Our Services


Accounting Services

Maintaining accurate accounting records is not only a legal requirement, but It is also essential to the sustainability of your company. Our accurate accounting & bookkeeping service will better enable you to make decisions on expenditure, planning investments, and controlling your cash flow.



We are one of the leading VAT service providers in Dubai and UAE. We offers exclusive VAT services to help you with proper accounting and Value Added Tax Services that will help you to make your business abide by the Emirati VAT laws and regulations. 


Auditing Services

Auditing is fundamental as it provides credibility to a set of financial statements and gives the shareholders or new investors confidence that the accounts are authentic. Our professional auditors can provide comprehensive service that can help to improve your company’s internal controls and systems.

Financial Advisory

Our financial advisor can offer you professional expertise and insight into your financial investments, savings, budget, insurance, and tax strategies. We will construct personalized financial plans that aim to achieve your financial goals.
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Just have a look why we become your favorite Accounting Partner! 


We are committed to our client's satisfaction. We have a well organized professional team who always stay on top of deadlines.


We are there for you for 24/7 support. Our experienced accountants will supervise your requirements and help you with any issues or queries.

Exceptional Service

Practical financial advice you can count on. We provide customized services to your business needs. We understand every business has different requirements.


We ensure your data security and confidentiality. We won't share your data to a third party unless legally or operationally required.

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If you have anything regarding VAT, Accounting process or about your current business, feel good to discuss with us. VAT accounting in Dubai, UAE is no more a hustle. We are there to support you.

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